4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bitcoins Today

The world is in a financial disarray. Everybody is looking for a safe haven to invest in, and instead of taking risks, people want to diversify their portfolios with minimal risk. People jump from one job to another in the hopes of earning a higher salary and look for better opportunities. However, surprisingly, a lot (and by a lot we mean a majority) of the people are unaware of an investment opportunity that is lingering right in front of their eyes.  It is perhaps one of the best investment options out there.  If you invest in bitcoins today, it could be the best decision you’ve made in your life.

There’s no point in beating about the bush because the title already gives away that we are talking about: Bitcoin. Yes. The same coins that you saw on the internet and probably ignored as another internet hoax. For those of you who didn’t and want to know more about the cryptic gold coins, you’re in for a ride. And for those who ignored Bitcoins initially, do not worry, you’re in for this ride too. Just hold onto your seats. The information you are going to learn over the course of this article will arm you with the ability to strike it filthy rich in the years to come. Congratulations.

Okay, fine. That was a little over the top. But Bitcoin is a genuine form of investment and you should take it seriously. You can create an awesome portfolio out of it if you do. And now it’s easy invest in bitcoins today. For those of you who are not familiar with the digital crypto-currency, here’s a brief recap:

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. Created in 2009 by someone who hid his real identity behind the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto. This currency is not backed by gold or controlled by any bank. It’s just there on the digital medium for you to start using to shop online, invest, or trade, etc.

One can say that Bitcoin is an entirely new economy for the digital realm, and that’s the simplest explanation of what Bitcoin really is.

Why Bitcoins for Online Purchases and Investment?

You know all the right questions. So as to why you should use Bitcoins to make purchases online instead of using your credit card, there’s an excellent explanation:

Bitcoins are completely anonymous! Meaning, if you have Bitcoins, you can purchase things online without anyone knowing it’s you, or send and receive money without ANY form of intervention or spying.

Why bitcoins for investing your money in? Great. This brings us to the purpose of this article. Here’s are 4 reasons why you should start investing in Bitcoins right now:

Bitcoin Is Enjoying Great Price Surges

First thing first, when we talk about investing, we are looking for the best ROI. Which means that if you invest a hundred dollar, you expect it to quadruple overnight. While that is not really possible in the real world when you buy stocks etc, it is surprisingly very much possible if you are dealing in Bitcoins. Sounds crazy, right? It’s not, though.  If you invest in bitcoins today, you could be very wealthy in the years to come.

How Has Bitcoin’s Value Increased Over The Years?

When Bitcoin was first introduced to the public, not many people knew about it. It was valued at: 1 Bitcoin = $1. Simple enough. If you bought hundred Bitcoins back then, you owned $100.  Trust me, that’s a bargain!

Today, The Value of 1 Bitcoin = $1200!

Wait, what? You mean, the $100 I invested back in 2009 is worth $120000?! Precisely. Imagine if you’d actually done that! And the price is rising still and expected to hit the $2k mark by the end of 2017. It works on supply and demand, and there’s a chance that if you buy a Bitcoin priced at $1200 tonight, tomorrow it’d be worth $1300 or more.

Many Online Businesses Are Adopting It

So while it’s a great investment option, that is not the only reason why you should put your money in Bitcoins. As mentioned earlier, you can buy and purchase goods and services online using the digital currency. So, while there were few options a few years ago, a large number of well-known vendors are jumping ship and adopting Bitcoin as a payment method.  So, there are many ways to invest in bitcoins today… and buying them for capital gains is only one.  If you own a business, it’s worth making sure you can accept bitcoins as payment too.  Expand your business to accept a wider audience by accepting bitcoin.

Take Your Digital Wallet With You, Anywhere In The World

This means that if you have a digital wallet, you can carry large sums of money anywhere in the world without having to hold it physically, or having to worry about its safety. It boils down to the fact that you can shop from anywhere in the world from any vendor as long as they accept Bitcoins. Giants like Microsoft, Dell, Tesla and many others have added Bitcoin as payment options. You can even buy hosting from WordPress or a sandwich from Subway and pay with this cryptic digital currency.

So not only would you have your money invested and growing, but you can always use them whenever you like… and wherever you like!

Completely Anonymity

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoins can help you hide under the cloak invisibility (anonymity) and do whatever you want. If you invest in bitcoins today, you can buy all kinds of illegal things and banned substances and create your own mafia… these are all immoral things that heinous people would do. But the point is, Bitcoin is so anonymous, you can buy, sell, trade, and do whatever you want with them, and no one would know it’s you!

Transactions Like A Spy

How, you ask? Well, before you buy Bitcoins, you have to create a digital wallet. Once you have created a digital wallet and filled it up with coins, you can send and receive money and payments without ever having to give away your personal identity. Someone may be sending you thousands of dollars to make a huge wall, but you may never realize you’re making a deal with Trump, because all he requires is your digital wallet’s address, and that’s it. If you have someone’s wallet address, you don’t need any other information to send money.

You can send your crush her favorite book that you figured after stalking them on Facebook, but they’ll never be able to track you down if they wanted to. Sounds like a plan.

Fast and Safe Transactions

Gone are the days of Western Union, bank transfers, and cheque clearing. This is 2017, and even though Bitcoins have been around for some while now, we’ll take comfort in the fact that we found out about them sooner that later.

Swiftness & Security At Your Fingertips

These cryptic digital coins are one of the fastest methods of sending money to and receiving money from someone. Once you have your wallet set up, all you need is your address, and the other party’s wallet address. No matter where you are in the world, you can transact in mere seconds. It takes up to 30 seconds or so for a person to receive Bitcoins that have been sent to their digital wallet’s address. And on top of speedy transactions, they are completely safe as well. No bank or third-party can get involved or stop these payments from reaching their intended receiver. They have no authority, and there is no way of tracking the transactions.

This is a huge advantage that Bitcoin enjoys over traditional currency; there’s no central authority that regulates it, it is not backed by Gold or any other asset, and it’s a completely new form of currency. There’s only a limited number of Bitcoins that can be released in the world for the people to purchase (21 Million), and when that limit reaches, there will no longer be any mining of this digital currency.

Ultimately, The Choice Is Yours…

Yes, there are several ways you can invest your money and expect it to grow over time. But there’s little doubt that if you invest in bitcoins today, you’re becoming part of the future of a digital age and there’s no stopping them. They are controlled by the people who use them, and no authority can influence its prices. And it’s not just about your investment growing over time, because that happens in other sources of income as well. It’s about growing your investment out of proportions with ginormous profits over time. On top of that, all the convenience and benefits it brings along.

Let’s put a cherry on top of it all by knowing that if you have a credit card, you can buy Bitcoins right now! All you have to do is decide how much you’d like to buy… pay with your credit card… and get your Bitcoin balls rolling. See you on the other side of the road where the wealthy live if you make it there as well!